Kitridding Breakfast Hamper

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Product Description

This is a ideal gift for those foodies in your life or even a Sunday treat for yourself. This tasty hamper includes all the basics of a good old fashioned Cumbrian breakfast, similar to our rather popular Kitridding Breakfast we serve in our tearoom. All you need do is add the eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes (or hash-browns for a naughty little extra) and Bob’s your Uncle!!


The Kitridding Breakfast Hamper includes:

1 x 6 Kitridding Plain Pork Sausages

500g Kitridding dry-cured Flitch Bacon

2 generous helpings of Kitridding homemade Black Pudding

1 x 250g bag of Farrers No1 ground coffee

1 jar of Sue Prickett’s festive Marmalade


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