Farm to Table

Farm to Table at Kitridding

All our animals are traditionally home reared, without intensive, industrial farming methods, on our family farm. They graze in the fields between Spring and late Autumn, surrounded by the magnificent Cumbrian countryside.

They are housed during the cold, wet winter months and fed on grass harvested in the summer.

We can show you where the animals are reared so you can be sure about the provenance of our products, and when it is time for the table, we use a local, family run abattoir so we can ensure humane practices and that food miles are kept to a minimum.

Our Shorthorn Beef, Swaledale Lamb and local pork is expertly prepared at our onsite butchery, by Jonny, our traditional, conscientious, hardworking butcher. He takes the greatest of care with these beautiful products so you can be confident you’re buying excellent quality, naturally reared meat with exceptional flavour and texture. We are also able to provide unusual cuts of meat and an attention to detail that you won’t see at the supermarket. Visit our onsite butchery and see how he works with these fantastic meats.

We believe that happy animals, treated with care and respect and being able to graze pastures with stunning views, provide the best tasting, best quality meat you can get. All of the care in raising the animals is reflected in our exceptionally tasty meat.